How we work


Professional Project Management

Project Managers

Our project managers are trained translators, who

  • Agree project execution with our clients
  • Discuss prices and delivery deadlines with our clients
  • Facilitate communication between translators and our clients
  • Discuss client-specific terminology with clients and specialist translators, then create and manage glossaries
  • Select and coordinate translators and translator teams based on the wishes and requirements of our clients
  • Carry out correction in target languages
  • Perform quality assurance of translations according to DIN EN ISO 17100 standards
  • Review and correct the target format before delivery to the client
  • Update translation memories after each final correction stage

We try to always have the same project manager handle all of a client’s projects. Personal communication between the project manager and client contact is extremely important for successful long-term cooperation. By following these guidelines, we create the best possible conditions for smooth, efficient project execution.

You can rely on us to exercise great care and diligence in handling your projects. Our project managers are committed to doing the best job with every single project.

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Project Preparation

Even in the initial phase of putting together a quote for you, there is some information that can be useful to our project managers and help lower the price of a translation project:

  • For example, if previous translations were processed with computer-assisted translation software , we may be able to use existing translation memories (TMs) in our analysis.
  • Are there previous translations of similar texts that meet your standards? If you provide us with the source and target texts, we may be able to import them into our system. Depending on the agreement with our clients, we can use the existing text material as a reference or a translation approved by the client.
  • What is the estimated text volume for the next few months? If you inform us that you will be placing regular orders, this will of course have a positive impact on project pricing.

Please let us know beforehand whether you are able to provide glossaries. Glossaries are very helpful for correctly applying your preferred terminology. We are happy to work with your existing glossaries and update them with current translations or to create new glossaries for you. Let us know whether terminology should be approved within your company for certain languages.

In order to give the translation the appropriate style and tone, our translators need to know for which target audience a text is intended. Many international companies, for instance, have their intranet in English, but the content is not directed solely at native English speakers. In this case, the language needs to be easy to understand and fairly simple. Alternatively, you are applying for a foreign-language tender and only need a basic comprehension of the tender documents for the application rather than a linguistically honed translation with DTP. Such information helps us to choose the style and approach.

The more information you are able to give us during the preliminary project stages, the better we are able to tailor our services to you and your clients. Thank you in advance for your kind cooperation.

Here again a summary of the relevant questions:

  • Beyond the scope of the current project: what translation volume do you expect?
  • Which language combinations are you planning to work with in the future?
  • Which target group would you like to reach with your texts (matter of style)?
  • Will the translations be published (to define QA stages)?
  • Is there an in-house review process?
  • Which source formats will you provide?
  • Is Cerebro AG also responsible for DTP (rough/finished layout)?
  • Is there reference material that you would like to provide us with?
  • Does the translator need to adhere to special standards or guidelines?

On the basis of your answers to these questions, our project managers devise an individually tailored project plan with suggested prices and deadlines, payment terms and, if required, recommendations on framework contracts and data protection regulations. Why not talk to one of our project managers in the chat?