Website Translations

The special thing about web content is that it can mostly be categorised into three different areas of expertise and the translation requires appropriate skills. The general website area needs powerful advertising language to be perceived positively by clients. The section outlining the services and products offered requires specialist knowledge of the specific area of expertise, then there is usually the legal part with terms and conditions, imprint, data protection etc. With our global network of Cerebro translators, we are able to meet this demand, as we can use several specialist translators for different parts of the website with challenging technical demands.

Do you wish to translate your current website into more languages? Convince your clients of the quality of your products with a visually and linguistically appealing homepage. Are you planning a relaunch of your website? Does your company work in web design, programming or content management and you are looking for a partner for translation? You're in the right place with us for all areas regarding your international online presence.

For our clients
Your website is currently in German and English and you do a lot of business with China, Poland or France? Since we already translate your technical documentation, web flyers, annual reports or contracts, we know your products and the industry-specific terminology. We will of course also make use of the glossaries we have created for you and translations we have already carried out for your company as references when translating your online content. Your partners abroad will certainly appreciate your multilingual website.

If you are currently working on a relaunch of your website and simply want to adapt the texts to the new design, you can provide us with the current website texts in order to ensure the linguistic and terminological consistency of the new version.

For companies in the web sector: web designers, programmers, content managers
Are you looking for an experienced translation partner for your clients’ international web pages? A full service package will certainly appeal to your clients. Companies know that their online presence reflects the services and products that they offer. As a web designer, you win over new clients with websites that you have already designed and programmed. Persuade them too with excellent translations. After all, a modern design will not benefit your clients if the industry-specific descriptions don’t make a good impression in the target countries.

We will familiarise ourselves with the industry-specific terminology of your clients and offer texts in all the languages they want that are linguistically appealing and correct in terms of content.

We are also happy to refer our customers to you should they be planning a relaunch. We are convinced that a partnership will benefit all of us.

For new clients
If you wish to reach new target groups and achieve international growth, your website should have an appealing design and also offer your services and products in several languages. Translation quality plays a big role here.
We are happy to work together with you on studying reference material, developing linguistic guidelines, defining specialist terminology or creating glossaries.

We can also help you choose a web designer or put you in contact with our webmaster to discuss and test out the technical import and export requirements.

We can easily import and export typical website formats like XML, HTML and XLF with our software. This has the advantage of protecting tags and codes commonly used in programming language, the format remaining unchanged in the target language and allowing us to use our usual QA tools. Existing glossaries can also be used reliably for website translations. Other formats are possible upon request. We are available to help with advance import and export tests and can discuss special requirements with your webmaster in order to ensure that everything runs smoothly.