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Clementis AG is founded
Board of Directors: Michael Frischhut, Clemens Dietrich

01/03/2011 Clementis IT GmbH is founded

Name change from Clementis AG to Cerebro AG and from Clementis IT GmbH to Cerebro IT GmbH
Board of Directors: Michael Frischhut, Michael Reitz

01/07/2020 Home of Translation GmbH is founded

After many years of serving as Managing Director of a translation agency, Michael Frischhut founded Clementis AG in Munich. A year later, Michael Reitz joined Clementis AG as a partner and opened a branch office of Clementis AG in Cologne. In addition, Clementis AG has provided IT network services since 2011. On 1 October 2011 we changed our name to Cerebro AG and Cerebro IT GmbH. The foundation of Home of Translations GmbH is planned for 1 July 2020. The new company is created in cooperation with our partner agency Hancock Hutton Langues Services in Bordeaux, France.