About Us


Company Profile

Cerebro AG is a German translation agency with an international outlook. Our clients are largely medium-sized companies located in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Spain and the US. We work with a pool of around 500 professional translators around the world, preferably living in the country where their native language is spoken. Our in-house team has become more multinational in recent years to reflect the increasingly globalised world of business and the translation sector in particular.

Our agency was founded in 2003, so we can draw on a solid foundation of many years of experience in the translation sector. At the same time, the innovative drive and multicultural perspectives of the younger team members and translators keep the company fresh and at the pulse of the latest industry developments.

Here are some of the benefits we offer to make us the ideal partner for your translation projects:

  • Professional translations from our global team of specialist translators
  • Personalised service and individual support from our committed project management team
  • Use of state-of-the-art translation technology and software to meet highest standards of industrial and technical documentation standards
  • Flexible project-based pricing policy

Contact us directly via our chat if you wish to find out more or have a specific request.