Legal Notice

Notice in accordance with § 5, German Teleservices Act, and the DL-InfoV (Regulation of Information Obligations for Service Providers).

Cerebro AG
Flurstraße 17
D-86559 Adelzhausen
Phone: +49 89 5484 70-0
Fax: +49 89 5484 70-29

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Managing Board
Michael Frischhut
Michael Reitz

Chair of the Advisory Board:
Sandra Frischhut

Trade register
Registergericht B Augsburg, HRB 29895

Indemnity insurance
Pecuniary Damage Liability Insurance
Germany-wide insurance coverage
with Bayerische Landesbrandversicherung AG
Maximilianstraße 53, D-80530 Munich

Registration of translation service providers according to DIN EN 15038
Reg. No. 7U389

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