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Sample Translations

We offer a free sample translation of a text of about 200-300 words specific to your company, in order for you to have a concrete example on which to base an assessment of the quality of our work.

For texts where expression and style are very important, e.g. for advertising copy, presentations or press releases, we can provide you with three translations from three different translators. This allows you to choose the one that comes closest to your corporate language or your expectations in terms of style.

The translator of your choice will handle all future projects. If he or she is not available, we will assign another translator in consultation with you.

Please email us a text excerpt representative of your specialist department.
Your detailed feedback is of utmost importance to us, especially with test translations, in order to clarify linguistic subtleties right from the beginning of the cooperation. You can read further information in the section project preparation, which should be taken into account as much as possible at the beginning of a cooperation in order to achieve a smooth process and a result that is satisfactory to all.