Layout - DTP

As previously outlined in the source formats section, we can directly process many file formats with our translation software Trados. Target texts are saved in the source format following translation. The formatting of source texts is protected and remains intact, but different text lengths in different languages can result in layout displacements such as incorrect line and page breaks, displaced text in diagrams, tables, text boxes or graphics, which need correcting.

Unless otherwise agreed, our clients receive translations in the format in which they provided us the source texts.

You have a choice between a rough layout and a finished layout.
Rough layout means that the client themself corrects changes in the layout. There are no additional costs. With finished layout, our DTP department checks the file page by page and corrects any errors that have resulted following translation. DTP professionals work closely with our specialist translators, because linguistic errors such as wrong hyphenation also need correcting at the end (final proofreading). Our clients don’t have to do anything else and receive print-ready documents from us.

On request, we will contact your printer to discuss technical details or we can offer comprehensive printing services for your brochures, flyers, handbooks, package inserts etc. in cooperation with our printing partner.

We also offer typesetting for your source documents. If you would like to turn your documents into another format, because you work with an older system or maybe because the text and graphics of a catalogue have increased so much that it cannot be professionally processed in its current format, we are able to help you. We can typeset your documents in the format of your choice.