Software / IT

Our IT team has many years of experience with translating different documents dealing with computer science, telecommunications and software. As you can see from our list of references, we work with renowned clients in the IT industry. Our IT translators also work on operating instructions for software-controlled special machines, such as dialysis machines, robotics or automatic inspection machines.

Such documentation does not just require IT-specific technical vocabulary and a basic understanding of computer science and electronics. As well, our team is also experienced in using CAT tools to protect tags and codes in the source formats.

Indeed, our Cerebro IT GmbH branch has been operating since 2011. You can find more information about our network service here.

The following is a selection of five of our clients in each respective category. If your field is not listed here or if you would like a more detailed list, please send us an email.

Five client references


  • Eschbach GmbH
  • Kalypso Deutschland GmbH
  • Peter Scholz Software + Engineering GmbH
  • RapidSolution Software AG
  • TimoCom Soft- und Hardware GmbH

IT Systems

  • Abresa GmbH
  • Binsec GmbH
  • Comcross Gmbh & co. KG
  • CRE Rösler Electronic GmbH
  • LEXTA mbH

IT Production and Logistics

  • GERLIEVA Sprühtechnik GmbH
  • KOCH Industrieanlagen GmbH
  • Prognost Systems GmbH
  • Westphal Präzisionstechnik GmbH & Co KG